Connecting paws with the power of blockchain technology.

What is Paw Space?

Paw Space will be a pioneering platform utilising blockchain technology to service the pet sector. It will allow pet owners to easily access and manage their pet’s records. This will include pet registration, breeding records, health records, family lines, missing alerts and other important information. As Paw Space continues to develop, we want to be a digital one-stop for pet owners and have a social platform aspect at the heart of it. The platform will be user-friendly and connect pet lovers from around the world.

Blockchain Certified

Users will have the option to register their pet with The Pedigree Soc Ltd via Paw Space and by doing so, they will receive a Certificate of Blockchain Authenticity. By minting a Certificate of Blockchain Authenticity alongside your pet, users will gain blockchain verified privileges within Paw Space such as:

  • Lost Alerts Function

  • QR Tag Linked to Pet Profile

  • Transfer Ownership Permissions

  • Blockchain Verified Member

  • Discount on Paw Space Products

30% of revenues generated from our 'Certificate of Blockchain Authenticity' service, will be distributed back to holders of The Pedigree Society via Passive Rewards. Holders of The Pedigree Society collection will receive additional perk within the platform.

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